Jurianne Matter

In 2008 Jurianne Matter started her own label, and somehow the designs struck a chord: craft, rituals, traditions, Nordic prints…it was an instant success.

Besides continually developing her collection for her own business Jurianne also enjoys working as a designer for other companies. Because the target group is often a little different to her own customer, she’s able to wander a little off-course.


Jurianne’s greatest inspiration is nature. Berries, branches, the stripes in the landscape, strange structures in the moss: Everything can be translated into a colour palette, a shape or a graphic pattern.

All of Jurianne’s paper and textile products are completely ecofriendly. The simple reason for that is that she just doesn’t want to earn money at the expense of nature or her fellow human beings. In her words: “Beautiful is only beautiful if it is honest and clean too”.